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(100% Original) Ty Plush Toys Beanie Boos DOGS & PUPPIES Best Gift For Kids Girls Boys [Ready Stock]
Price RM36.90
Product SKU TY-DOGS01
Brand Ty Toys
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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  • Made from super soft pink Ty Silk fabric with sparkles
  • Purple glittery eyes
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem.
  • Clean surface only



The snow can be fun, but Helena would rather race around the clouds! She is a unique pup with her tie-dye fur and silver horn. BIRTHDAY: May 29




Hunk is a pink husky with a white face and glittery pink button eyes, a black nose and black stitching for his mouth. He has white legs, Sparkly pink inner ears and a sparkly pink heart on his chest. Birthday: Feb 6




MAX Introduced on Friday April 30th on the YouTube Originals Color the Spectrum Livestream hosted by Mark Rober and Jimmy Kimmel!




Muddles may look dirty. But, as a brown and white plush dog, Muddles is always ready to go with you. BIRTHDAY: July 22




Prince, a husky, has arrived to save the day. And, we would not want it any other way! Birthday: June 18




I am a little Chihuahua, just the perfect size. When you see my face, you’ll see my golden sparkle eyes. I have a colorful collar that goes around my neck, it’s all the colors of the rainbow and not what you’d expect. I’m soft and light in color, Chewey is my name. If you see torn up paper, you’ll know just who to blame. BIRTHDAY: March 7




I'm a German Shepherd, on me you can depend. A loyal plush dog that will always be your friend. My golden eyes will sparkle whenever you are near. As long as I am with you there's never need to fear. My coat is soft and silky in colors of black and brown. My name is Spirit, I'm a happy pup and fun to be around. BIRTHDAY: May 15




Noodles is ready to have some fun with you, chasing butterflies in the wind. His curly golden locks are soft and bright, shiny golden eyes seem to say "let's go play!" BIRTHDAY: May 19




Colin is a little corgi with a big personality. Lively and fun, loves to run around and herd other animals into their pens. Will be a snuggly companion you won't want to stop hugging! BIRTHDAY: June 26


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